Eradatz Motorsports Service includes:

Mechanical Repair
We do all sorts of mechanical repairs including brake conversions, timing belts, engines re-built, manual transmission rebuilds, fuel injector replacements, cooling system repairs, HVAC repairs...we do it all! If you are handy and can make your own general repairs, but you run into a problem or a dirty job that you don't want to undertake, bring it to us BEFORE you mess in up further. Heck, we will even fix it after you mess it up, it will just cost more. Eddie is The Guru, he can fix any problem you can't figure out and he will be fair and honest with you at all times.


Interior repair
Eddie specializes in re-doing the interiors to look better than they did when they were new. He prides himself on getting it exactly right, he is OCD that way. Whether it is a headliner, seats, carpeting, door panels, etc...Always fair and honest, he is the man for the job!


Restorationl Repair
Whether you have an older Z or a British car that you want to restore, Eddie is the guy who can get it all done for you from start to finish. He is very particular and holds his body and paint guys feet to the fire to make sure it is done right. He has worked with these cars since they came out and knows how it is supposed to be done. He will be fair and honest at all times, that's why people keep sending their friends to him.